Let’s Grow Your High-Value Users

Amplify your user acquisition campaigns with the power of data insights that optimize ROI in real time.


The ad tech solution tailored to your business needs

Forget about unclear commissions taken out of your profit. Get a fixed & predictable licensing fee.

Acquire your ideal users

Invigorate your UA strategy using data insights and optimizing ROI in real time.


Increase your volume by 20%

We complement your current UA campaigns by finding high-value users hiding in exclusive programmatic channels, including our own ad exchange — BidMachine.

Find your new ideals users among our inventory of 33,000+ apps with over 500 million MAU.


Boost conversions with impactful ad formats 

Playable Ads Creation

We create playable ads, the highest converting format, specifically for your app to attract the users you aim for — at no additional cost.

Super Native Cross Promo Ads

Embed a video ad natively into your app to cross promote your apps with in-depth user experience.

Engaging Ad Formats

Rewarded Videos

Video Ads



Bypass non-converting users: acquire only the right ones

Our user acquisition platform, AppGrowth, uses machine-learning analytics to learn and grow with you. The more data, the better the insights, the better the results.

Post-install Optimization

Go beyond installs. Our UA platform optimizes by tracking post-install events (such as in-app purchases, subscription renewals, activation, etc.) as well as ad revenue per user.

Smart Cross Promo

Running ads in your apps? Our system can analyze the ROI of each impression in real-time. When the ROI of serving external ads is low, it can programmatically run ads cross-promoting your other apps instead. 



Result-driven payment models

Start with a payment model that’s aligned with your goals:

Cost per Install (CPI)/Cost per Action (CPA)
Combine app installs with performance indicators (ex. IAP, subscription, ad LTV, retention rate and more).

Revenue Share
You pay only when we bring you quality users.

Like our results? Consider our model to scale your profits and not your cost:

Fixed Fee
Scale programmatically with a fixed licensing fee for an end-to-end solution customized for your business.

Let us help you grow even more

With the full service support of our team of UA experts by your side, we complement your UA campaigns by acquiring new users that brings you the best ROI through exclusive programmatic channels.

Campaign Management

We set up and manage your UA campaigns to run effectively on exclusive programmatic inventory that targets additional audiences.

Playable Ads Creation

We create impressive playable ads tailored for your targeted user-base to optimize conversion rates.

ROI Optimization

Our machine-learning predictor continuously learns to improve to acquire users that generate the best ROI based on real-time data insights.

Make Data Work For You

We provide you with deep insights on each campaigns with up to 50 data points that you can use to optimize your UA campaigns through other UA channels.

We use data to its full potential by connecting all the dots. Once our data confirms it identified the users that would deliver the best results for our clients, we acquire more of them with precision.

Stack Team

When user acquisition, business intelligence and monetization are aligned — profits happen

Each of our cutting-edge solutions is available and powerful on its own.

But they are even more powerful together as an end-to-end engine designed to scale your profits and grow your business.

So you can focus on what you do best — building winning apps.

Make your app’s big data actionable

Unleash your app’s full potentials with actionable intelligence and acquire more users with high ad LTV at scale.

AppGrowth Ranked #2 on Appsflyer’s Growth Performance Index

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