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From the start to the end, your success team is here to ensure your apps scale successfully

You can count on our Stack Team to take the time to extensively analyze your apps, understand the best ways for your business scale and deliver you the results.

All you will need to focus on is continuing building winning apps.

We Succeed when you succeed

Meet Your Dedicated Success Team

Consider our team to be like your in-house specialists. We’ll help you to sharpen your monetization and user acquisition strategies, align them with data insights and build customized solutions in line with your business requirements and goals.

Your own ad tech experts

Established Expertise You Can Rely On

Years of expertise in the industry as a top-rated mediation platform empowers us to share deep actionable insights to take your winning app to the next level of success.

  • 80+ R&D team with extensive experience in mobile gaming and adtech
  • 5 years innovating the industry of mobile app monetization
  • White Nights Award for Monetization with Appodeal’s ad mediation platform
Build your own stack

Adaptive Solution Tailored For You

You get to make the most of our robust yet flexible solutions that can be customized for your unique business needs.

Interested in the possibilities? We’d love to hear from you.

From A/B to Z

You can count on our Stack Team to help scale your business at every step of the way

Let us help you Monetize

We set you up with the optimal monetization mechanisms in place to generate ad revenue and acquire the necessary ground work data for your apps to scale.


Start monetizing easily as we assist you with integrating our all-in-one SDK that can be customized for your business.


Our ad monetization platform generates you maximized ad revenue with the power of 60+ ad demand sources and in-app header bidding mediation.


We work to continuously increase your ad revenue by implementing proven techniques, such as user segmentation and ad placement A/B testing.

    Let us make your big data Actionable

    We turn your data into actionable insights in four core areas directly related to your app’s success: user acquisition, activation, retention and monetization.

    Impression-Level Data Alignment

    We connect monetization data down to the user- and impression-level with user acquisition to optimize the ROI of your UA campaigns.

    Ad Revenue Attribution 

    Find out which of your UA campaigns and channels are bringing you the best ad LTV ROI.

    Ad Whale Audience Building

    We identify the users that generate the highest ROAS and LTV (plus ad LTV) so you can use this data to acquire more of them.

    User Engagement

    We help you understand better where your users are dropping off to help inform your re-engagement and retention strategies.

    Data Pipelining

    We pipeline your data to your preferred business intelligence and attribution tools for further analysis.

      Let us help you Grow

      We complement your UA campaigns by acquiring new users that brings you the best ROI through exclusive programmatic channels.

      Campaign Management 

      We set up and manage your UA campaigns to run effectively on exclusive programmatic inventory that targets additional audiences.

      Playable Ads Creation 

      We create impressive playable ads tailored for your targeted user-base to optimize conversion rates.

      ROI Optimization 

      Our machine-learning predictor continuously learns to improve  to acquire users that generate the best ROI based on real-time data insights.

      Make Data Work For You

      We provide you with deep insights on each campaigns with up to 50 data points that you can use to optimize your UA campaigns through other UA channels.

        Let us help you Scale Assured

        Our team continuously works to optimize your monetization, business intelligence and user acquisition engine. Once we are confident that we hit the sweet spot, we scale this engine to make profits happen for your business.

        All you will need to focus on then is to continue building winning apps.

          “We are highly satisfied with the service. The customer support is always sharp and ready to help at any given time with most precision.”

          CEO of Heatherglade

          Adaptable for any team

          Let us build an end-to-end stack tailored just for your team

          For Executives

          Scale your business smarter. Focus on your apps and let us deliver your company the profits.

          For User Acquisition Teams

          Find your ideal users. Optimize LTV and ROAS at scale to drive more profit for your company.

          For Monetization Teams

          Make higher revenue your trend. Earn maximized ad revenue with one powerful SDK.

          For Data Analytics Teams

          Make your data work for you. Get actionable intelligence to supercharge your mobile app business. 

          Our end-to-end solution

          When User Acquisition, Business Intelligence and Monetization Are Aligned  Profits Happen

          Ad Monetization

          Monetize with maximized ad revenue

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          Ad Exchange

          Earn more programmatically without obstacles

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          Actionable Insights

          Make your app's big data actionable

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          User Acquisition

          Grow ideal users with machine-learning

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          Your Success Team

          Scale assured with a team of experts by your side

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          Powerful individually but even more powerful together as one Stack

          We use data to its full potential by connecting all the dots. Once our data confirms it identified the users that would deliver the best results for our clients, we acquire more of them with precision.

          Stack Team

          Scale your app further with Stack

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