Scale Your App’s

Adopt the right end-to-end stack tailored just for your business.


The ad tech solution tailored to your business needs

Forget about unclear commissions taken out of your profit. Get a fixed & predictable licensing fee.

Powerful individually but even more powerful together as one in-house Stack

Each of our cutting-edge solutions is available and powerful on its own.

But they are even better together because when user acquisition, business intelligence and monetization are aligned — profits happen.

So you can focus on what you do best — building winning apps.

Earn more programmatically with open-source ad exchange

Receive ad bids from fair auctions and earn more programmatically.

Grow your ideal users

Invigorate your UA strategy using data insights and optimizing ROI in real time.

Scale Assured with a team dedicated to your success

From the start to the end, your success team is here to ensure your apps scale successfully. 

Adaptable for any team

Let us build an in-house ad tech stack tailored just for your team

For Executives

Scale your business smarter. Focus on your apps and let us deliver your company the profits.

For User Acquisition Teams

Find your ideal users. Optimize LTV and ROAS at scale to drive more profit for your company.

For Monetization Teams

Make higher revenue your trend. Earn maximized ad revenue with one powerful SDK.

For Data Analytics Teams

Make your data work for you. Get actionable intelligence to supercharge your mobile app business. 

Scale your profits, not your expenses

Transparent and fair billing

Stack offers a solution for mobile app businesses with a fair, transparent and predictable payment model.

Instead of taking a percentage of your revenue, Stack bills using a recurring flat licensing fee. That means you can scale your profits without worrying about unpredictable increase in your expenses.

Your in-house ad tech Stack

Our license can cover any or all elements of our Stack solutions. Each of our user acquisition, monetization and business intelligence technology is customizable based on your business requirements.

Essentially, Stack provides your business with a complete in-house ad tech solution that is uniquely yours.

Every mobile app business is different.
Reach out to us and let’s see how we can create a Stack solution tailored just for your business.

We work as a team to look at the big picture of what needs to be done to make an app more successful. Our ultimate goal is to make our client’s apps self-sustaining profit-makers.

Stack Team

Scale your app further with Stack

Let us know how we can build a stack tailored for your team.