Let’s Maximize Your Ad Revenue

One single SDK unlocks access to 60+ premium ad demand sources.
Elevate your monetization strategies for maximum revenue.


The ad tech solution tailored to your business needs

Forget about unclear commissions taken out of your profit. Get a fixed & predictable licensing fee.

Ad Formats

All Winning Ad Formats

With our expertise we can help you decide strategically which ad formats will work best for your app. When mindfully placed, ads can be a game-changer for ongoing user retention and engagement — bringing you more profits as a result.

    Rewarded Videos

    Video Ads

    Playable Ads


    Native Ads



    Step into the future with
    In-App Header Bidding

    • Unlock the highest eCPM for each impression
    • Receive real-time bids from premium ad demand sources
    • Reduce latency from server-side requests.
    • Optimized ad fills

    Take full control of your monetization

    Easily execute your monetization strategy however you want with our full set of monetization controls

    Ad Server

    Launch cross-promotion and direct deal campaigns easily

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    Demand Control Center

    Control ad units and direct network managements

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    Segments & Placements

    A/B test and set different experiences users have with ads

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    Ad Server

    Launch cross-promotion and direct deal campaigns easily

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    Demand Control Center

    Control ad units and direct network managements

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    Segments & Placements

    A/B test and set different experiences users have with ads

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    Complement your ad fills with programmatic ad demands

    Have your own ad mediation stack already?

    Consider adding access to over 70 pure programmatic DSPs on top of your current mediation stack through our open-source ad exchange — BidMachine.

    Risk-free Lightweight Integration

    No need to change your current ad mediation setup. Simply add our ad exchange via our light ad exchange-only SDK or S2S/JS Tag.

    First-price Auction Supported

    Earn beyond second-price auction. Monetize your ad impressions based on the full-value advertisers are willing to pay.

    Transparent Performance Analytics

    See which of the DSPs are winning your ad impressions and how much they are generating for your apps.

    Make your app’s big data actionable

    Unleash your app’s full potentials with actionable intelligence and acquire more users with high ad LTV at scale.

    Scale your profits, not your expenses

    Transparent and fair billing

    Stack offers a solution for mobile app businesses with a fair, transparent and predictable payment model.

    Instead of taking a percentage of your revenue, Stack bills using a recurring flat licensing fee. That means you can scale your profits without worrying about increasing your expenses.

    Your in-house ad tech Stack

    Our license can cover any or all elements of our Stack solutions. Each of our user acquisition, monetization and business intelligence technology is customizable based on your business requirements.

    Essentially, Stack provides your business with a complete in-house ad tech solution that is uniquely yours.

    Every mobile app business is different.
    Reach out to us and let’s see how we can create a Stack solution tailored just for your business.

    We work as a team to look at the big picture of what needs to be done to make an app more successful. Our ultimate goal is to make our client’s apps self-sustaining profit-makers.

    Stack Team


    Let us help you monetize even more

    Monetize with confidence with the full service support of our team of monetization experts by your side.


    Start monetizing easily as we assist you with integrating our all-in-one SDK that can be customized for your business.


    Our ad monetization platform generates you maximized ad revenue with the power of 60+ ad demand sources and in-app header bidding mediation.


    We identify your most-profitable users by analyzing the ad LTV at the impression and user level so your UA team can use this data to acquire more of these users.


    We work to continuously increase your ad revenue by implementing proven techniques, such as user segmentation and ad placement A/B testing.

    When user acquisition, business intelligence and monetization are aligned — profits happen

    Each of our cutting-edge solutions is available and powerful on its own.

    But they are even more powerful together as an end-to-end engine designed to scale your profits and grow your business.

    So you can focus on what you do best — building winning apps.

    We help to scale winning apps around the world

    Excellent mediation platform. Great optimization algorithm. One of the first platforms that supports in-app header bidding.

    CEO of IEC Games

    Monetization insights from our blog

    Why SDK Integration is Ideal for In-App Advertising

    Why SDK Integration is Ideal for In-App Advertising

    Whether you’re deciding to integrate a new ad network, ad mediation or ad exchange, it’s important to understand what integration options you have. SDK integration invariably ranks #1 for mobile publishers. On average, an app has 15 integrated SDKs: analytics SDKs, attribution and engagement SDKs and advertising SDKs.

    Scale your app further with Stack

    Let us know how we can build a stack tailored for your team.