Make your app’s big data actionable

Unleash your app’s full potentials with actionable intelligence

When your data is not used optimally, your full revenue potential is not being met.

DataCore aligns the data and goals of your UA campaigns, monetization and in-app analytics to provide you with actionable insights that can deliver real impact to your app business’ bottom line. 


Uncover Your Most Profitable Users and UA Campaigns

Go beyond just attributing in-app purchases. The key to understand the effectiveness of your UA campaigns also requires knowing the ad revenue value your new users bring.

Leverage this powerful data for:

  • Positive ROAS campaigns
  • Ad LTV data of your users
  • User and impression-level revenue insights
Ad Whales

Pinpoint Your Ad Whales, Then Capture More

No more relying on luck to acquire users that make you over $25 in ad revenue each. Let DataCore find your app’s ad whales so you can gain more of them through our user acquisition solution.


Engage Your Users at the Right Time for the Best Results

Our user engagement intelligence solution enables you to:

  • Manage your app’s logic dynamically
  • Send push notifications right on time
  • Develop a solid retention strategy based on rewards: encourage users that are slipping away to continue using your app

Smarter Data and Profit-Driven Ad Placements

Maximize your app’s ad placement revenue by leveraging eCPM decay insights. Knowing exactly when eCPM per user decreases after a certain number of impressions will help you make smarter ad placement decisions.

Run cross app promotion ads or limit ads for a seamless user experience? The choice is now yours to make with confidence.

Transparent DATA

Goodbye Data Overload
Hello Transparent Data

Our experts at Stack are here to help you make actionable sense of all your data:

  • Data alignment of your user acquisition and monetization analytics
  • Customized reportings for your business with actionable insights
  • Data pipelining to major attribution tools of your choice (including AppsFlyer)
  • 100% Exportable data for you to analyze using your preferred business intelligence tool
Our end-to-end solution

When User Acquisition, Actionable Intelligence and Monetization Are Aligned  Profits Happen

Ad Monetization

Monetize with maximized ad revenue

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Ad Exchange

Earn more programmatically without obstacles

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Actionable Insights

Make your app's big data actionable

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User Acquisition

Grow ideal users with machine-learning

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Your Success Team

Scale assured with a team of experts by your side

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Powerful individually but even more powerful together as one Stack

We use data to its full potential by connecting all the dots. Once our data confirms it identified the users that would deliver the best results for our clients, we acquire more of them with precision.

Stack Team

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