Supply Path Optimisation Manager at Appgrowth

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We are seeking an experienced Supply Manager to join our team, focused on driving mobile app user acquisition through our Demand Side Platform (DSP). As a Supply Manager, you will play a pivotal role in securing important ad sources for our clients’ mobile apps. Your expertise in ad inventory assessment, publisher relationships, and data-driven optimization will be instrumental in achieving our user acquisition goals.


  • Inventory Assessment: Identifying and assessing the available inventory of ad placements within mobile apps, including various ad formats like interstitials, rewarded and video ads.
  • Match supply with existing demand: Find ad placements matching the audience of our demand. Curating and optimizing supply path for available inventory.
  • Ad Trafficking and Setup: Coordinating the technical aspects of ad placement within mobile apps, including setting up pretargetings with ad networks to guarantee the optimal load on our bidders.
  • Performance Monitoring: Continuously monitoring the performance of ad placements across different mobile apps. Analyzing key metrics such as IPM,CPI, CPA & ROAS.
  • Budget Allocation: Allocating budgets effectively across different mobile apps and placements to maximize user acquisition while staying within budget constraints.
  • Market Research: Staying informed about trends in the mobile app industry, such as new app releases, changes in user behavior, and shifts in advertising platforms, to adjust user acquisition strategies accordingly.
  • Liaison with Ad Networks: Collaborating with various ad networks and exchanges to access their inventory and integrate it into the DSP’s platform for a broader reach.
  • Integrate new Ad Networks to our DSP: Identify ad networks with the most relevant ad placements, establish communication between technical team and third party vendors, test integration performance, align numbers and address discrepancies.


  • 2 years of experience in digital advertising, specifically within mobile app user acquisition, and hands-on experience with DSPs.
  • Strong understanding of mobile advertising landscape, ad formats, targeting strategies, and industry trends.
  • Proficient in analyzing ad performance metrics and translating data into actionable insights.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Detail-oriented mindset, capable of managing multiple campaigns and tasks simultaneously.
  • Familiarity with ad trafficking processes, RTB, and technical requirements for ad placement within mobile apps.
  • Results-driven attitude with a focus on meeting and exceeding user acquisition targets.
  • Proven ability to adapt to changes in a fast-paced and evolving digital advertising landscape.

If you’re passionate about driving user acquisition for mobile apps and thrive in a data-driven, dynamic environment, we encourage you to apply. Join our team and contribute to our clients’ success by delivering impactful mobile app user acquisition campaigns through our DSP.

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