System Engineer (DevOps) at BidMachine

Belarus, Minsk


  • Supporting, developing and scaling infrastructure in several adat centers with bare-metal servers, k8s on-premise installation support;
  • Automating server deployment, k8s cluster deployment and updating, building and rolling out apps (Ansible, Kubespray, Jenkins, Helm);
  • Monitoring and maintaining infrastructure;
  • Developing CI/CD for Scala и Spark apps;
  • Working in the product team as a systems engineer and infrastructure developer, following key DevOps practices.


  • Relevant work experience, self-reliance, sense of responsibility;
  • Good command of GNU/Linux and UNIX utilities;
  • Knowledge of CI/CD processes, deployment strategies, ZDD organization methods, development methodologies, understanding of IaC approach. Knowledge of Ansible, Jenkins, GitHub Actions desirable;
  • Understanding core approaches to monitoring and logging. Knowledge of Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix, EFK desirable;
  • Understanding the principles of container virtualization and orchestrators;
  • Knowledge of and experience with Docker and k8s;
  • Understanding network operation principles and core protocols.


  • Experience with Kafka;
  • Experience with Apache Spark;
  • Experience with analytical databases, especially Druid;
  • Experience of working on a highload project;
  • Experience with nginx and HAProxy;
  • Experience with AWS and other cloud platforms;
  • Experience with EKS or other cloud-based Managed Kubernetes.

Application Form

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