BidMachine - 2 min read  - February 18, 2020

Programmatic Ads in 2020: BidMachine White Paper is Now Out

Have you wondered whether it is affordable to move your ad technologies in-house and see your revenue grow incrementally?

Turns out there’s no need to be afraid of in-housing costs and resource allocation when you can access a ready-to-go solution that not only allows a step-by-step transition to programmatic ads managed internally, but brings incremental ad revenue and tangible results from the get-go.

As an ad tech vendor, BidMachine is dedicated to the mission of opening and democratizing the ad tech ecosystem, along with our industry partners. We made our programmatic advertising platform BidMachine open so mobile app companies can easily adopt it as their in-house programmatic ad solution.

We prepared a white paper that explains why in-housing is vital for mobile app publishers in 2020 and what steps can be taken to make this process less stressful and more agile.

In the white paper you will find:

  • Major benefits associated with monetization in-house
  • Why now is a good time to in-house your ad technologies
  • Step-by-step guide to controlling programmatic monetization in-house
  • Revenue increase estimates for each step

We strive for internal ad monetization to be accessible and transparent as more big ad tech companies employ black boxes and complicated schemes, which increases fees for publishers. With BidMachine open-source ready-to-go solution it is possible to make a transparent transition to owning ad technologies in-house without extra hassle.

To help you weigh all pros and cons and make an informed decision, the white paper discusses every aspect of what it means to in-house your ad monetization. Get your copy today!

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Ekaterina Kupidonova
Product Marketing/Content Manager

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