Company News - 2 min read  - October 2, 2019

AppGrowth Gets Featured in Appsflyer’s Performance Index

AppGrowth, Stack’s programmatic User Acquisition solution, ranked eighth for casual games in North America of Appsflyer’s industry standard Performance Index.

The index is a mobile app market research report which highlights the performance of mobile media sources. The latest edition covers 23 billion app installs and 45 billion app opens across 15,000 different apps.

AppGrowth is featured in Appsflyer’s power ranking. It is calculated by comparing the number of non-fraudulent installs, the number of apps running with each media source, and the weighted retention score. It’s then factored an additional fraud penalty based on the network’s overall fraud rate for North American region. AppGrowth’s placement reflects the company’s aim of helping mobile app businesses scale profits more seamlessly and bring businesses new high value users.

Stack Guide to Scaling Mobile Apps in 2019 Ebook Download

Officially launched to the market in April of this year, AppGrowth is thriving and increasing its market share at a rapid rate. It runs on unique machine learning technology that helps scale winning mobile apps beyond installs, and is driven by a team of dedicated experts. Reaching your ideal audience is now powered by data insights that optimize ROI in real time. AppGrowth benefits include:

  • Acquire users based on post-install actions
  • Get users more likely to make IAPs
  • Find users that generate high ad revenue
  • Target users more precisely with machine-learning technology
  • Reach more potential users through the world’s leading ad exchanges

Every successful mobile app business comes to a point where they need to scale faster and stronger. AppGrowth enables this growth.

Interested in learning more about top-performing ad demand partners, mobile market trends and latest worldwide eCPMs? Download a new edition of the Appodeal’s Performance Index now!

Tanya Kovalevskaya
Product Marketing Manager

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