Earn more programmatically

(without the obstacles)

Gain unparalleled access to fair bid auctions with BidMachine’s open-source programmatic ad exchange. Form direct demand partnerships easily with full financial transparency.

Visit Bidmachine.io   website for more details.

Think you have reached your ad revenue limit already? Think again.

Consider adding programmatic ad demands to supercharge your current monetization strategy today.

Unparalleled Access

The open-source ad exchange

Publishers should not need to go through hoops to gain access to the goldmine of programmatic ad demands.

Finally, you can earn from programmatic demands with unparalleled access, efficiency and transparency.


    Open-source access to BidMachine’s ad exchange technology


    No more need to obtain programmatic demands through middlemen


    Build direct relationships with demand sources easily

    Direct deals

    Establish direct demand partnerships with ease

    Form direct deals with DSPs, ad networks, and ad exchange of your choice – without the obstacles.

     Communicate directly and form close partnerships
     No more middlemen and third-party fees
     Full control over new demand integrations
     Handle finances directly with partners

    Full transparency

    Make data-driven decisions with transparent analytics 

    Get detailed data on every auction:

     Track all the bid info’s details
     Open access of ad inventory by demand partners
     No hidden mechanics

    Transparent fees

    Earn with full transparency and cost effectiveness

    Get rid of middlemen fees and increase your revenues. Now you can plan ahead and make the most of your budget.

     Fixed maintenance fee
     No fluctuating fees
     Clear budgeting

    Flexible Integrations

    Seamlessly add to your current ad mediation setup

    Adding BidMachine’s ad exchange is easy and convenient. No need to rework your current setup. Simply choose the most convenient integration method that works best for your business:

    SDK (lightweight – iOS ~8 MB / Android ~1 MB)
    S2S via OpenRTB (MRAID, VAST, NAST, creatives/ads)

    All ad formats

    Earn with all winning ad formats

    Take full advantage of ad demands available in all winning ad formats, including rewarded video. When mindfully placed, ads can be a game-changer for ongoing user retention and engagement — bringing you more profits as a result.

      Video Ads

      Rewarded Videos

      Playable Ads



      Native Ads


      Customize BidMachine uniquely for your business

      Build on top of BidMachine’s cutting-edge technology – powered by in-app header bidding technology and full monetization control – to create a unique in-house ad exchange just for your mobile app business.



      Unlimited integrations

      Add any compatible demand sources to your ad exchange

      Data center location

      Set up BidMachine at a data center location of your choice

      Scalable supply

      Aim as high for the performance you desire

      Earn more programmatically today

      Get your own ad exchange now via Github (iOS | Android) or speak with us to share your unique business needs!

      Visit Bidmachine.io   website for more details.

      Great optimization algorithm. One of the first platforms that supports in-app header bidding.

      CEO of IEC Games

      Our end-to-end solution

      When User Acquisition, Actionable Intelligence and Monetization Are Aligned  Profits Happen

      Ad Monetization

      Monetize with maximized ad revenue

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      Ad Exchange

      Earn more programmatically without obstacles

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      Actionable Insights

      Make your app's big data actionable

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      User Acquisition

      Grow ideal users with machine-learning

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      Your Success Team

      Scale assured with a team of experts by your side

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      Powerful individually but even more powerful together as one Stack

      It’s exciting to see whenever our recommendations double or even triple our client’s revenue. Sometimes even just minor adjustments here and there can make eCPMs increase significantly.

      Stack Team

      Earn more programmatically today

      Get your own ad exchange now via GitHub (iOS | Android) or speak with us to share your unique business needs!