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One single SDK unlocks access to 60+ premium ad demand sources.
Elevate your monetization strategies for maximum revenue.

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Ad monetization is an essential element for mobile apps to scale by generating revenue from potentially 100% of users and not just a few, while also compiling the necessary groundwork user- and impression-level ad revenue data to identify your highest earning users.

With our ad mediation solution, Appodeal, you gain access to a variety of premium ad demand sources and full monetization mechanisms to increase your profits.

One powerful sdk

Over 60 Ad Demand Source in One Lightweight SDK

 Easy integration
 Brand-safe sources
 Programmatic and non-programmatic

Monetize Globally

Global Monetizing Reach

Engage and earn from quality users all around the globe. The more people see your app, the more rewarding the results.

    In-App Header Bidding

    Realize the Power of the Programmatic Side

    Our innovative In-App Header Bidding technology unlocks the best prices and breaks fresh ground for you.

    Why rely on historical data when you have real-time data at your disposal?

    Ad Formats

    All Winning Ad Formats

    With our expertise we can help you decide strategically which ad formats will work best for your app. When mindfully placed, ads can be a game-changer for ongoing user retention and engagement — bringing you more profits as a result.

      Rewarded Videos

      Video Ads

      Playable Ads


      Native Ads


      Convenient Analytics

      All-in-one Powerful Dashboard

      Access all your essential stats in one spot.
      Easily export the data via API or CSV format.

      Metrics include:


      • Revenue
      • eCPM
      • ARPDAU
      • Fillrates
      • Retention rates
      • DAU
      • Impressions
      • Plus much more
        Monetize Your Way

        Full Monetization Controls


        Run engaging self-served campaigns for free

        Ad Server Features:

        • Winning Ad Formats: Boost your campaigns by using high-converting ad formats and creating call-to-action after video ads
        • Precise Targeting: Utilize precise targeting to channel your ads to the right users
        • Ad Waterfall Positioning: Set your self-served ads to run in ad placements of your choice
        • Frequency Capping: Manage impression settings, limit impressions for each unique, set time limit between impressions
        • Campaign Scheduling: Run ads only at specific times or days with set start and end dates

        Manual control of ad units and direct network management

        • Easily add any of your ad network accounts
        • Directly manage deals with networks
        • Set up price floors (eCPM / waterfall priority) for any line item (ad unit)
        • Enable/disable any line item; enable/disable any ad network with just one click
        • Easily switch between automatic and manual modes 

        A/B test for optimal ad monetization experience

        • Segmentize your users to test ad strategies that are most effective
        • Place different ad impressions at different moments or locations within your app to find the ones with optimal results
        • Compare and analyze A/B testing results easily on the dashboard

          Excellent mediation platform. Great optimization algorithm. One of the first platforms that supports in-app header bidding.

          CEO of IEC Games

          Our end-to-end solution

          When User Acquisition, Actionable Intelligence and Monetization Are Aligned  Profits Happen

          Ad Monetization

          Monetize with maximized ad revenue

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          Ad Exchange

          Earn more programmatically without obstacles

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          Actionable Insights

          Make your app's big data actionable

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          User Acquisition

          Grow ideal users with machine-learning

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          Your Success Team

          Scale assured with a team of experts by your side

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          Powerful individually but even more powerful together as one Stack

          It’s exciting to see whenever our recommendations double or even triple our client’s revenue. Sometimes even just minor adjustments here and there can make eCPMs increase significantly.

          Stack Team

          Scale your app further with Stack

          Let us know how we can build a stack tailored for your team.

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